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Drop Safes For Cash Management

Drop Safes For Cash Management

Drop safes, also known as depository safes, accept deposits from anyone, but only persons with authorized access can retrieve the deposits. They are ideal for businesses that handle large amounts of cash, jewelry, or other valuables on a daily basis. They also provide a convenient way of handling non-returnable deposits such as payments enclosed in envelopes. Drop safes are best for temporary storage – they are not as secure as burglary-proof safes because of the opening to the outside. For example, you might use one to store cash during the day, and then move the contents to a more secure safe or deposit it to the bank at night. Also, again because of the opening to the outside, drop safes are not fireproof.

  Drop safes can be divided into three different types. These types differ in the type of opening used for the deposits. The first type uses a slot on the front or top of the safe to accept deposits. There is a baffle attached to this slot on the inside to prevent someone from “fishing” the contents back out of the safe. The second type uses a hinged hopper on the front of the safe, much like a freestanding mailbox. This type will also use some type of anti-fishing baffle on the inside. The third type is the most secure. It uses a rotary hopper mounted on the top of the safe. This hopper must be rotated a full 180 degrees in order for the contents to be deposited.

  Drop safes come with a variety of other available features. One such feature is a secure, dual-custody key system. This system requires two keys, a “supervisor” key and a “guard” key, to open the safe. Another convenient feature is an electronic keypad locking mechanism. All the user has to do to open the safe is enter the combination on a PIN pad, much like using an ATM or debit card machine. These electronic locks are also available with an audit feature, which allows authorized persons to determine when the safe was accessed and by whom. This information is usually displayed on a local display, or on some models can be uploaded to a personal computer.

  Drop safes are also available with a more secure, double-door system. This type of safe is divided into two sections – the top half for accepting deposits and the bottom half providing more secure storage with no opening to the outside. Drop safes are also available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are also a variety of interior arrangements available. Some models offer convenient storage for cash drawers. These are ideal for a retail setting.

  As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a depository safe. Be sure to consider the type of depository opening, type of locking mechanism and whether or not you could benefit from a dual-door drop safe. Taking all of these factors into consideration will help ensure that you choose the drop safe that is right for your needs.

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