Through the Wall Drop Safes

Through the Wall Drop Safes

Depository Features



  • Front loading depository safe
  • B rated construction
  • Immediate cash deposit drop safes
  • Full length dead bar
  • Three to five 1″~1 1/2″ diameter chrome plated live locking bolts.
  • High quality 3 wheel key changeable combination lock or optional electronic lock
  • Spring loaded relocking device
  • Four anchor holes
  • Optional inner keyed locker
  • Optional back side loading hopper


Do you need a drop safe that you can count on? You won’t find a more secure safe for this price anywhere. Be sure to check out our home and office safe collections.


What is the difference between a Drop Safe and a Depository Safe?


The smaller safes at the top of this page are drop safes and cost in range of up to $300. Perfect for small cash drops and temporary storage of cash and items. Larger models over the price of $300 are called a Depository Safe and are best at holding money overnight.


All of our depository safes are B-rated, come with a drill resistant hard plate and “shark tooth” anti-fish baffle. For maximum security the “shark teeth” keep your cash safe from thieves trying to use a coat hanger or screw driver to “fish out” your money. Drop safes also have anti-fish baffle BUT are not B-rated.


Due to the opening on the drop safes and depository safes, No one in the industry is able to make a fireproof model. This is disappointing but this type of safe is for maximum theft prevention.