Time Delay Safes

The Titan Time Delay lock is designed for use in heavy commercial applications.  This lock has been tested up to 10,000 openings on 2 9volt batteries.  Time delay is a popular feature in loss prevention for cash drop safes. If the thief is trying to rob your business they may get the money in the register. But with the time programmable time delay feature you enter in the code. Then you have to wait for the time you programmed into the lock to go by then you enter in the code again and open the safe.  The time delay mode can be set anywhere from 1 minute to 99 minutes.  Most thieves won’t wait around for the lock to open the safe.  So the quickly depart during the time delay mode.   This has been a proven feature in dramatically reducing theft in convenience stores around the country on very high end safes. But now it is available for everyone at great prices.

Don’t forget it does have a “Time Delay Override” code that is used by owners and security trucks picking up the deposits.  So you can bypass it easily. This gives you a choice of codes to use and hand out to employees.  This lock comes with 1 master code, 1 supervisor code, and 7 user codes.  The master and supervisor code holders can enroll and delete codes within a minute on the front of the keypad.  This is your “Multi-user” setting.

You can also use a “dual control” to open the keypad. Which means everyone needs someone else with a code to open the safe.  This feature adds more accountability to every employee that accesses the safe.  This reduces the chance of internal theft.

  • Two modes of operation: STAR and BASIC.
  • Field programmable from keypad.
  • One million 6-digit PINS to choose from.
  • One master code, one supervisor code and seven user codes.
  • Management reset code (not available if lock is set to dual control mode).
  • Time delay override code.
  • Three modes of operation: multi-user, dual control, manager/employee.