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Continental CD-03TD

Continental CD-03TD


Continental CD-03TD

The Titan Time Delay lock is designed for use in heavy commercial applications.  This lock has been tested up to 10,000 openings on 2 9volt batteries. Time delay is a popular feature in loss prevention for cash drop safes. If the thief is trying to rob your business they may get the money in the register. But with the time programmable time delay feature you enter in the code. Then you have to wait for the time you programmed into the lock to go by then you enter in the code again and open the safe.  The time delay mode can be set anywhere from 1 minute to 99 minutes.  Most thieves won’t wait around for the lock to open the safe.  So the quickly depart during the time delay mode.   This has been a proven feature in dramatically reducing theft in convenience stores around the country on very high end safes.

Don’t forget it does have a “Time Delay Override” code that is used by owners and security trucks picking up the deposits.  So you can bypass it easily. This gives you a choice of codes to use and hand out to employees.  This lock comes with 1 master code, 1 supervisor code, and 7 user codes.  The master and supervisor code holders can enroll and delete codes within a minute on the front of the keypad.  This is your “Multi-user” setting.

You can also use a “dual control” to open the keypad. Which means everyone needs someone else with a code to open the safe.  This feature adds more accountability to every employee that accesses the safe.  This reduces the chance of internal theft.




CD-03 Extra Large Commercial Drop Safe • Insurable rating of “B” Rated Burglary Safe. • ½ Inch Thick, Solid Steel Door. • Solid Steel body with extra layer of steel in the jamb construction to maximize protection against pry attack. • Commercial Rated Solid Steel Hinges with hinge side locking bar. • Extra layer of steel reinforces the top and all four sides, providing protection against sledgehammer attacks. • UL listed, High Security Electronic Lock, Type 1. • 5 Solid Steel Deadbolts. • Detent hardware included. Automatically locks safe when you close the door. • Drill resistant solid steel (HC-60 rated hardness) hard plate in front door. • Auxiliary spring-loaded re-locking device acts as second lock. • Commercial Quality Anti-Fish baffle protects against retrieving of cash through drop slot. • 4 Bolt Down Holes to secure it to any foundation. • Stop Theft Today with a Depository Drop Safe. whether you are protecting against external or internal theft. The CD-03 is built to the same exacting standards as are the other Continental drop safes. Maximizing design and size to reduce your shrinkage of cash between bank deposits. Allowing for fewer runs to the bank. Are you tired of coming up short of cash at the end of a shift? Then this is what you need! Start by protecting your deposits today. Continental Safes are designed for heavy duty commercial use. American designed to take a beating and still keep working. Comes with full warranty of one year parts and labor.  • The CD-03 drop safe is the extra-large version of Continental depository safes . Having more available space for more deposits. This depository safe is designed for use in restaurants, banks, boutiques, large churches, and other commercial industries. Stops pry attacks, sledge hammer attacks too. Yes, we actually beat on this thing with a 10 pound sledge hammer and only managed to ding the metal and scratch the paint. The mailbox looking drop slot is designed with anti-fish baffle and an interior steel compartment that keeps prying eyes from looking inside. Plus prevents anyone from getting a coat hanger and trying to snag any cash from the below security compartment. • The front door is 1/ 2 inch thick solid steel with a drill resistant hard plate on the interior to prevent drill attacks. This plate is .25 inches thick and rated at HC-60 in hardness. Which means it needs to be melted. This area of the door is a combined ¾ inch thickness. • Behind this ultra-thick defense barrier is where the lock is mounted. This protects the lock from attacks. The electronic keypad is only an input device that relays the message to the lock. Our electronic keypads are UL listed type 1 locks and rated as “high security for commercial use”. Should the interior lock be compromised during an attack a secondary lock will be triggered. This is called the “re-locker”. This will prevent the bolts from being retracted just like the actual lock. Did we mention our bolts are 1 inch thick? They are also chrome plated to prevent rust. On the hinge side of the door there is what is called a “Locking bar”. This is there to keep the door from coming open in case a thief uses a cutting torch and removes the hinges. On the opening side of the door you will notice a metal slide that swings into place to keep the bolts from swinging out into the locking position. This is the detent. Once you close the door this piece will slide out of the way and allow the bolts to spring back into position and for the electronic lock to spring down and lock the safe automatically. Door closed means door is locked. The CD-03 is an excellent choice for extra- large amount of deposits.