Hollon Home Safes

FireProof Home Safe Features


“Hollon Safes 2 hour fireproof home safes.
Hollon Safes produces one of the only home safes are that are 2 hour fire resistant in the industry. Why a 2 hour fireproofing? Because the fire department says that from the time a fire sparks until the fire truck can start the water on the house takes roughly 30 minutes! That gives the fire department only 30 minutes to extinguish the fire and your 1 hour fireproof safe runs the chance of being burned up with all it’s contents. Making these our favorite choice of home safes in the industry.


These safes are a great entry level secure safe for home or office. Designed to keep “sticky fingers” off your stuff. It is important to remember when you purchase a fireproof safe, you buy time. Time against fire and time against theft. Both of the types of safes are very good on fireproof but really only offer light theft protection. For more choices with stronger theft protection be sure to take a look at our “Office Safes” or “Fire and Burglary Safes” sections. We offer you a variety of choices when it comes to protection! You can choose either a dial with key safe or an electronic keypad. My personal choice is always a keypad because it is easy to read without my glasses and I can change the code when ever it’s needed. All Hollon fireproof safes come with a “Lifetime Fireproof Warranty”