Hollon Office Safes 2 hour Fire Protection


  • 2 hour fireproof in a Class 350 rating with up to 1800 degrees KSG rated.
  • Upgraded S&G UL listed electronic lock but we can put an S&G dial for no additional charge at your request.
  • Key locking drawer with all models but the 610E. (Note: HS-610E is a hybrid between Home and Office Series making it a very popular choice)
  • All models come with bolt down hole and hardware. Except the HS-1750.
  • Impact rated to 30 feet! (you can drop the safe from a 3rd story office and hit concrete and still stay locked)
  • Internal temp of the fireproof safe will not exceed 350 degrees for a minimum of two hours when exposed to extreme heat
  • Unique designed grove door and body makes this a water resistant design. But not designed for flood waters.
  • 1 Inch thick chrome plated bolts
  • Three sided locking bolts on door opening side, hinge side (In case they take a blow torch and cut off the hinges), and a center door.


Please note the weight of our fireproof safes when comparing them to other manufacturers’ security safes. Ours are heavier by as much as 50%. This is because we use a higher grade of steel (and more of it) to make each burglary safe. Thus giving you a far superior office safe for a better price!


Hollon Office safes have a 2 hour fire rating and have been tested to withstand a 30 foot impact rating.

Office safes from Hollon Safe company with a 2 hour fire rating.