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Drop Safes

Drop Safes

The Importance of Drop Safes
If you run a business that receives deposits of cash, checks or valuables, drop safes are the most effective way to keep your items from harm. Meant for temporary storage, these units are convenient to hold your items for a short amount of time, but they should be emptied on a daily basis to ensure their utmost safety.

Various Types
The drop safe comes with a slot front, hinged hopper or rotary hopper. The slot front is meant for users to drop their envelopes or other items directly into the compartment. There is a baffle mechanism that precludes the ability for anyone to reach in and grab any items out. The hinged hopper is made for larger items to be deposited into the safe and contains a large compartment that comes toward the person, allowing the products to be dropped in. The rotary hopper is similar in construction, except it requires a 180-degree turn to drop items in, offering the most security.

The size of the drop safe you choose depends on its overall use. If you are simply storing cash or other small items, a small unit is sufficient. If you need to store a cash drawer or other large products, you should choose a larger unit. Keep any growth of your business for the future in mind when you choose the size.

Locking Mechanism
Drop safes come with either a key locking mechanism or an electronic keypad. Both types of locks are secure because the key lock typically contains two keys, one for the guard and the other for the supervisor. The electronic keypad requires a secure PIN to enter the safe, allowing only those who know the PIN access to its contents.

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