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Depository Safes

Depository Safes

Use Depository Safes for Safety
Depository safes are those that allow deposits to be dropped in through various methods, including a slot or hopper, whether hinged or rotary. This type of safe is the perfect solution for businesses that deal with large amounts of cash or other valuables. All models of the depository safe are meant to eliminate the risk of anyone fishing the contents out of the safe through the use of a baffle.

Temporary Storage
The depository safe is meant to provide temporary storage of valuables, such as cash, checks or jewelry. The slot or hopper is meant to deter thieves from stealing the contents of the safe, but the longer items sit there, the more tempting it becomes for potential thieves. The typical use for this method of storage is to use it during the day with a collection of all the contents at night.

The size of your depository safe plays a role in your purchase. The size of the objects, as well as the number of objects or envelopes that will be stored, will determine the size you need. If you need to store cash drawers or have a separate area for long-term storage, you will find various choices for your safekeeping needs.

There are a variety of features to choose from to make your safe the most secure. You can choose to install electronic keypads or dual-key systems that require a standard key, as well as a supervisor key, to open it. For the utmost security, audit locks can also be installed. These locks monitor the times the safe is opened. This makes it easier to track down any missing contents.

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