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Floor Safe

Floor Safe

Secure Your Premises with a Floor Safe
You want maximum security at your place of business, which is what you will find in the various floor safes available. Any business can benefit from the security of these units because they cannot simply be hoisted off by burglars; they are mounted directly into a wood or concrete floor for utmost security.

Locking Mechanism
The locking mechanism on your safe determines its ability to deter thieves. You can choose from a key, combination or electronic lock. In order to determine the level of safety of each lock, you should look for key locks with a three-wheel mechanism and combination locks that use at least four numbers. The type of lock you choose should be determined by your level of comfort with its use and safety.

Floor safes can come with either a lift-out or hinged door. They both offer the same level of safety but offer different levels of convenience. The hinged door does not offer full access to the entire unit, making it more difficult to retrieve your contents. The lift-out door offers full access to your contents but is more difficult to maneuver. In addition, you can choose doors that have a drop slot to allow deposits to be dropped into the safe without opening it.

The construction of the floor safe is important as well. A B rated safe is sturdier than a non-B rated unit because it is made with a ½” of steel and a door that is made with 1″ of steel. If your unit will be exposed to any dampness, a rustproof body is important as well to keep your floor safe in its best condition for a longer period of time.

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