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Floor Safe max-security

Floor Safe max-security

Get Optimal Security with a Floor Safe
Floor safes are some of the most secure safes available and can be hidden easily, just like wall safes. These safes are often permanently installed in a wood or concrete floor and offer optimal security against theft. If you are considering a floor safe, there are several things to consider.

Construction Rating
There are two construction ratings you need to know: B rated and non-B rated. The B rated safe is constructed of solid steel with a wall thickness of ½ inch or less and a door thickness of 1 inch or less. These floor safes are more secure than non-B rated. In addition to the construction rating, it is important to choose one that is made from steel on the inside with a rust-proof polyurethane coating to protect against moisture.

Door Type
As you choose your floor safe, you will need to choose between a door that completely pulls out and one that swings open on a hinge. You can also opt for a door slot that allows you to put things into the safe without opening it. These slots are protected against retrieving the contents without opening the safe.

Locking Mechanism
The type of locking mechanism you choose is also important. Floor safes are available with combination dial locks or electronic keypad locks. It is important to make sure the combination lock you choose uses four numbers instead of the traditional three for added security. If you choose the electronic keypad, you will have a special PIN number, just like you have for an ATM machine. In addition to the locking mechanism, choose one with a spring-loaded re-locking mechanism that will add an extra bolt for protection when the lock is tampered with.

RV Safes
If you can’t install the safe directly into the floor, there are also mobile options that can be installed with a bolt through a hole in the floor. These are ideal for use in mobile homes, RVs and even the second floor of a home or building.

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