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Sentry Safe

Sentry Safe

Sentry Safes Information

Sentry Safe is actually the brand name of a world leader in the manufacture of safes. In business for more than 75 years, this family-owned manufacturer has been producing safes for three generations. Sentry Safe offers a broad range of safe types, sizes and protection levels.

Sentry Safe offers safes designed for home and business use. They have a full line of gun safes, as well as a large selection of models for data and document security. In the area of home safes, they offer a complete range of sizes and types, from small chest-types for storing valuable papers, to larger cabinet-style safes that can be easily mounted in a wall. They also offer security files, which open from the top like a chest safe, but are sized on the inside for standard file folders. This makes an excellent safe for storing valuable papers and documents.

In the area of business safes, Sentry Safe offers chest-type, security files, combination safes, electronic safes with either an electronic keypad locking mechanism, or an advanced biometric fingerprint safe that uses a fingerprint scanner as a locking mechanism. In addition, they offer office safes, commercial safes, executive safes, and keysafes (specially designed interior for storage of keys). Sentry Safe also offers file safes in 1 and 2-drawer stackable models.

Sentry Safe offers a complete range of gun safes as well. They offer models with storage for 5, 10, 14, 22 and 24 guns. Some models carry a 1/2-hour fire rating, as well as an optional electronic locking mechanism.

Sentry Safe really shines in the area of data and document security, with special safes designed for the extra level of protection required by electronic media. They offer chest, CD/DVD file, and fire and water resistant data safes. They even offer the world’s first fire and waterproof USB external hard drive for protection of your active data.

The Sentry Safe line of safes includes safes that are fire, burglary and media rated. The fire rating of a safe is usually specified as the number of hours that a safe can withstand a 1700 degrees F fire without the internal temperature rising above 350 degrees F (for documents) or 125 degrees F (for electronic media, such as floppy disks or CDs).

The burglary rating usually refers to the amount of time that a safe can resist attack from a person knowledgeable about the workings of safes, with various tools at their disposal. In other words, it is a good indication of how long it would take a determined, professional thief to break into the safe. Media safes, as mentioned previously, use a lower temperature for fire testing. In addition media safes are designed to protect the media from humidity, dust, magnetic fields and electrostatic discharge. A media rated safe adds a humidity test to the fire test, with the requirement that the humidity does not rise above 80% during the fire test. The conductive steel case and interior shields the media from magnetic fields and electrostatic discharge.

As you can see, Sentry Safe offers a complete selection of safes. 75 years experience has made them a world leader and innovator in the manufacture of safes.

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