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Office Safe

Office Safe

Choosing the Right Office Safe
If you run a business from your home or an office, you should invest in an office safe to keep your belongings from being tampered with. While it has similarities to the home safe, the office version is more burglar and fire-proof, which is necessary for important business documents. You should start by determining the size you require, ensuring it is large enough to hold any of your important belongings. Once the size is determined, you should consider its level of fire safety, burglar safety and locking method.

Fire Safety
The higher the fireproof rating, the more fireproof your safe will be. The ratings are labeled in terms of hours and degrees. The hour rating determines how many hours your documents would be safe in a fire and the degree rating is the temperature at which the contents will be held during that period of time.

Burglar Safety
The right office safe should have an RSC rating or determination of the level of difficulty to break into it. The ratings are determined by professional locksmiths who use various techniques to attempt to break into it. Not all safes are rated for burglar safety. If you have difficulty locating one that is rated, fully evaluate its structure and the location of the bolts to determine for yourself how burglar-proof it is.

Choice of Locks
There are a variety of different locks available on office safes. The typical lock type is mechanical, but there are also electronic locks available. The most secure safes offer a combination of both mechanical and electronic to ensure the safety of its contents.

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