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Jewelry Safes

Jewelry Safes

Choose the Proper Jewelry Safes
When you have expensive or sentimental jewelry you want to keep safe in your home, jewelry safes are the perfect way to do it. It is important to make sure you choose a jewelry safe specifically because these will offer you greater burglary protection than the standard safe, while still providing fire protection. However, it is also important to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage on your jewelry.

Burglary Ratings
The most important rating you should look for on jewelry safes is the burglary rating. Understanding these ratings will ensure you get the right safe for your precious jewelry. A TL-15 rating on a jewelry safe means it will take an experienced person at least 15 minutes with power and hand tools to break into the safe. This is too much time for a burglar to use. They want to be able to get to what they want quickly and leave so they don’t get caught. If your jewelry is worth a lot of money, you may want to consider a TL-30 rating. However, even with these ratings, it can often be difficult for the average burglar to break into the safe in any reasonable amount of time.

Fireproof Ratings
You also need to choose a jewelry safe that offers a fireproof rating to protect your precious jewelry. This rating is often written in time and temperature. The amount of time listed is how long the safe can keep the contents at the listed temperature if there is a fire to keep your jewelry safe. Your jewelry will be safe up to 350 degrees.

Locking Mechanisms
For many people, the type of locking mechanism is a personal preference. Most jewelry safes come with a mechanical combination lock or an electronic keypad. Whether you choose the combination lock or the keypad, it is important to make sure they use a four-digit code to increase the level of security. Some keypads will even allow for multiple users with different codes. When you are looking for an electronic keypad lock, LaGard and Sargent & Green are the best two options.

Other Considerations
There are other considerations you should make when choosing your jewelry safe. The amount of space you require is important. Choose one that is larger than you need so you have room for new jewelry. Shelves are beneficial. It can also be useful to choose one with a re-locking feature that will lock a bolt when the main lock is tampered with.

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