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Electronic Safes

Electronic Safes

Information on Electronic Safes
In basic terms, an electronic safe is one that is accessed through an electronic locking mechanism rather than a combination dial or a key. These safes are easier for the owner to access, allowing for both convenience and security. There are two basic types of electronic locking mechanisms: keypad and biometric.

The electronic keypad works in much the same way as taking money out of an ATM machine. The owner will have a code to enter into the keypad that will grant access. In some models, you will be able to add additional codes so each person who will access the safe can have their own code.

This type of safe is not as common but is growing in popularity. To access this type of safe, the owner must place his finger on a special scanner that will match fingerprints before granting access. This type of safe is one of the most secure types on the market because it is virtually impossible to replicate a fingerprint to gain access. The owner must be present.

Storage Options
As you consider exactly which electronic safe to get, you need to think about what you will store in it. For documents and jewelry, a standard safe is sufficient. However, CDs and DVDs require a special media safe, while firearms require a safe designed for guns. Knowing what you will store will ensure you make the right choice.

The main reason for getting a safe is the security it provides, both from theft and from fire. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the ratings for the safe, as well as how much security you need. For instance, if you are storing important items, you want to make sure you have a safe with a good fire rating for optimal protection. With fire ratings, you need one rated for 350 degrees for most things. However, if you are storing media, you need one rated at 125 degrees instead, as well as one that offers protection from humidity, dust, static and electromagnetic fields. As far as security ratings, this will depend on the value of what you store in the safe.

Internal Options
The final consideration for electronic safes is the internal options. Purchase a safe that is larger than what you need to accommodate more items in the future. You can also choose from a variety of shapes and internal shelving options so you get the kind of storage you need.

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