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The FB-845 Jewelry Safe offers top of the line fireproof protection and security. The two hour fire rating with an overall 5.5 inch thick door with over 2.5 inch wall defense barrier. Comes with a high security glass relocker system. 2-Hour Class 350 Fire Tested that protects against intense temperatures over 1700 degrees. Plus this model is impact rated for a 30 foot drop. Simulating a fall from a third story house when the building burns down. The KS4500 Class 350 2-hour fire rating means that the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350 degrees for at least two hours when exposed to these flames. Which is perfect for all types of paperwork, coins, jewelry, and cash.





  • 2 Hour Fireproof and 30 foot impact rated

  • Glass Relocker

  • Choice of S&G Electronic or Dial lock.

  • 1.25 Massive Solid Steel Locking bolts

  • Three direction locking bolts

  • 2 .5 Thick Walls & 5.5 inch thick door

  • 1/4 Reinforced Jambs

  • Tri-spoke Handle

  • Pre-Drilled Anchor Hole and bolt down kit

  • 1 inch thick vertical locking bar on hinge side

  • 5 Drawer Jewelry system

  • Space below Jewelry drawers for additional storage.

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