TRTL-30×6 Jewelry Safes

TRTL Jewelry Safes


Jewelry Safe Features


The safes on this page are TRTL 30×6. The are gently used jewelry safes. Even though these safes are used, we have inspected them for best in appearance, quality, and WARRANTY of a brand new safe. But the price of used model. These prices are less than half price of what you can find on new vaults of this type. These TRTL 30×6 safes are fireproof for 2 hours.
NOTE: Color may vary



TRTL 30×6 Safe Construction


TRTL 30×6 safe is built with a high density compressed concrete material encased within inner and outer magnesium steel hardplates. This concrete incorporates 26,000 PSI density and holds a matrix of nuggets and carbon fibers which further enhances its tensile strength. The reinforced armor plating protects the door frame and each individual bolt chamber from even the most sophisticated attack. TRTL 30×6 Safes are tested for 2 hours at 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.


TRTL stands for “Torch & TooL Resistant” on all 6 sides of the safe. This is the real deal when it comes to top of the line jewelry safes. Only consider purchasing one if your insurance company demands it.


A multitude of relockers are designed and syncronized to engage if the safe is attacked. A UL listed Group I dial from Sargent & Greenleaf or keypad non-manipulative locks are used.


Make no mistake. This IS the top of the line. Safe comes with lifetime warrenty against fire and theft. If the safe cannot be repaired after an attack or fire, Mutual Safes will send you a new one!


Due to the weight on these models. Shipping is FREE and comes with a free liftgate on safes that weigh less than 4000lbs. On safes weighing over 4000lbs. The shipping price includes being shipped to a local loading dock ONLY. No safe will be brought inside at the advertised price. Please call us for inside delivery prices or contact your local moving company to get quotes as well. .