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KeyPad Installation

Key Pad Installation

DigiPaz keypadWELCOME
Congratulations on your new safe that is equipped with the DigiPaz keypad. The DigiPaz is a state-of-the-art keypad that uses the latest materials and technology available today. Here are some useful tips:
  • The DigiPaz keypad is very sensitive to touch, there's no need to press hard on the keys. The keypad will recognize thesoftest touch
  • The DigiPaz keypad can be cleaned using special

    Stainless Steel cleaning products. The DigiPaz keypad is 100% waterproof.
  • The DigiPaz is maintenance free.


  1. Press the * (star) Key.
  2. Enter the code. Factory default code is: 1-2-3-4-5-6
  3. Press the # key.
  4. Turn the Knob/Handle to open the door.

Override WireENROLLING:


Note: It is highly recommended to leave the door open and test your new code several times before closing the door.
  1. Open the safe using the code.
  2. Press * (star key) and than # to enter the programming Mode.
  3. Enter existing code (1-2-3-4-5-6 Factory default code) followed by the # Key.
  4. Enter new code (MUST BE 6 DIGITS LONG) followed by the #Key.
  5. Enter new code again followed by the # Key.
  6. Your personal code has been changed.
  7. To test your new code press * (star key) your new code #.


  1. Plug the override wire (Diagram 2.0) to the Power Override Hole.
  2. Connect a brand new 9V battery to the override wire.
  3. Use your existing code to open the safe. (following Step 1)
Please call for assistant: 866-841-3790

Note: The safe keeps the code in memory up to 6 months without power.


When the batteries are low, the keypad will beep twice after each opening to let you know that the batteries are getting low.
It is recommended to replace the batteries as soon as possible with two high-quality 9V batteries.


  • If a wrong code was entered for more than 5 consecutive times, the lock will go to lockout mode for 5 minutes and
    then go back to normal operation mode.
  • Don't use the # key or the * (star) key for your code.
  • Use digits 1 - 0 to enter your code.
  • Use the * (star) key to clear.

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