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Electronic Keypad vs Dial Combination

Why an electronic keypad?
Convience is the main reason for selecting a LaGard electronic keypad. If you are opening the safe several times a day, this is well worth the money. I have found that if someone doesn’t like the process of dialing the combination then they will quit putting things inside the safe. Thus defeating the purpose of having a safe.

Many people ask “Which is a better lock, a dial or an electronic keypad?” Good Question. I have found through experience in safe cracking that both are VERY difficult. Electronic keypads have a 4 consecutive invalid code “lockdown”. This makes the keypad inoperable for 5 minutes. After the end of 5 minutes you get two more tries or it goes back into lockdown for another 5 minutes. Thus virtually eliminating random entry of the code.

“What if the battery goes dead?” There is a battery door compartment on the outside of the keypad. Just open the door and change the 9volt battery. The computer chip maintains the combo at all times and will not default because of no battery.

Here is something else that many don’t consider, changing the code on the keypad. It’s easy and can be done when ever the current code has been compromised. Your safe will come with instructions on how to do this but I have included some general notes below.

Electronic Keypad vs Dial Combination

Electronic Keypad
  1. Easy to change the combo
  2. Fast to enter the combo
  3. You pick the numbers so the combo should be easier to remember
  4. If an incorrect combo is entered 5 times it goes into lockdown mode and another attempt cannot be made for 5 minutes.
  5. Great strength and security.
  1. You have to change the batteries average is around once a year. (it will remember the combo even if batteries go dead.
  2. Initial cost is more than a dial.
  3. If it goes into lockdown mode because you forgot your combo, you have to wait 5 minutes until you can try again.
  4. Electronic locks have only been around for 20 years or so.

Dial Combination Lock

  1. Can keep the same combo and it will not show wear
  2. Dials last a long time with the proper care
  3. Initial cost of a dial is less than an electronic keypad
  4. Been around for over 150 years.
  1. You need to call a locksmith to change the combo
  2. It takes time to unlock and open
  3. Difficult for people with shaky hands or arthritis to open.
  4. No lockdown mode.
  5. Not convient. Its like an old rotary phone dial verses push button phone.
Dial Combination Lock
If you have any questions about which lock to choose please call us.
For those of you that have forgotten or lost you code change instructions, please find below the instructions for changing a LaGard LGBasic. Please look at the front of your lock and find an LG stamped just below the keypad. If you do not find the LG this may not work.

Changing The Code On Your Electronic Lock on Your Fireproof or Burglary Safe.

  1. Enter “zero” six times
  2. Enter your existing six (6) digit code one time.
  3. Enter your NEW six (6) digit code two times.
  4. If a mistake is made wait thirty (30) seconds and repeat steps 1-3
  5. Test lock operation several times before closing the door.
*Valid Code Entry- you will hear a double signal after valid six (6) digit code is entered.
*Invalid Code Entry- Triple signal and old code is still valid.

Opening The Lock

  1. Enter valid six (6) digit code (Factory is set to 1-2-3-4-5-6)
  2. The lock will signal a valid code entry with a double beep
  3. Within four (4) seconds, turn handle to the open position. (clockwise)
  4. Pull the door open.

Wrong Try Penalty

  • Entry of four (4) consecutive invalid codes starts a 5 minute delay period. (this is for anti-theft)
  • LED flashed red at five second intervals
  • At the end of the delay period, tow more consecutive invalid codes will restart an additional five minute period.
Battery Low Warning
* Repeated beeping during an opening indicates that the battery is low and needs immediate replacement.

* Uses one (1) 9-volt Alkaline battery. Any high quality alkaline battery will do fine.

* Change your battery at least once a year. Not only on your safe but also on all smoke detectors you may have around your home or office. (My wife says Halloween is the National Change Batteries Day and if its not…it darn well should be!)

If your battery is depleted and will not allow lock to open, simply follow instructions below. Note: A sign that the battery is low is when you put in the code and it accepts it but doesn’t pull back the bolt. You have a weak battery.

Changing Your Battery
  1. Remove black plastic battery compartment cover (located at the bottom of the keypad) by gently pulling downward on its handle. Note that sometimes there is a screw securing the battery door which must be removed first.
  2. Allow the battery and its attached leads to drop down and out of the battery compartment. If it does not drop, gently pull on the battery until it does.
  3. The connector is easily removed by unsnapping it form the tow terminals on the top of the battery. NEVER PULL ON BATTERY LEADS.
  4. Connect a new 9-volt alkaline battery to the battery clip.
  5. Push the battery and the leads completely up into the battery compartment.
  6. Install the battery cover by placing one side of the cover in position and then pressing the other side into position with your finger.

If you still have problems regarding your drop safe, depository safe, fireproof safe, gun safe, floor safe, wall safe, security safe, or any other safe that you have purchased from us please call us at 877-629-6214 or contact your local locksmith.
Download the above instructions for a lost or forgotten code. (.pdf format)

Tell me about the combination dial.
James Sargent designed and developed the first key changeable dial locks to be used in the United States in 1957. Later in 1865 a partnership was born between James Sargent and Halbert Greenleaf forming the Sargent and Greenleaf company. Manufacture these locks in Rochester, NY. Manufacturing remained here until 1975. Don't worry, they are still made in the "Good Ole USA" in Nicholasville, Kentucky. They pride themselves in the most quality driven security products in the lock building industry. Specializing in UL listed Group II locks that locksmiths world wide depend on.

These locks are made so well that I still have antique safes with the dial locks from the 1890's. Still working. Still secure. Still dependable.

When it comes to changing a dial combo is that easy to do? No its not. That is not a recommended procedure for anyone to attempt. Always call your local locksmith to change the combo on your dial.

"What about dials, in the old movies a thief uses a stethoscope to listen to the tumblers falling into place as he attempts to break into the safe" That is mainly in the movies! What the person is doing is called "lock manipulation". As long as you purchase a safe with a "Group II dial" that is UL listed. You shouldn't have a problem. The inexpensive dials like on the ones for sale in the big box retailers can be manipulated. However, I have yet to meet anyone who ever has been able to open one through manipulation. It is not a common practice, even among locksmiths.

I often get a call from a business owner that has been robbed. He states "My safe was broken by a theft attempt, he didn't get it open but he damaged it trying to break in". When this happens, the thief rarely gets it open. Often the first attempt to break in is to smack off the dial. Sometimes they are successful in getting the dial to break BUT they are unaware that once it breaks it triggers a relocker. This relocker fires another bolt to lock all the bolts in place. Once this is done, the safe is locked up. It will require the services of a professional locksmith to unlock and open. But everything is safe and can be repaired with a new dial.

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