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Bolting down your safe

DIY on bolting down your safe:

Most people have never owned a safe much less bolted one down. Its time for a little Do It Yourself project. Most all of our models come with a bolt down kit. Which frankly is nothing more than a bolt. But some do not and are strictly fireproof fire rated safes. Not meant for the protection against burglary and theft. I mention this to point out that not all safes are designed the same and many don't offer fire protection and just because it has the word "safe" attached to it doesn't mean its meant to keep out a thief but just safe from fire. That being said, let me tell you that bolting down a safe is very easy and quick to do with the proper tools. A good drill, preferably one that can be plugged into the wall as most cordless drills are a little weak on power (I find a hammer drill is fastest on concrete.) You will also need a concrete drill bit if you are mounting your safe on your concrete foundation. There is a difference between a drill bit made for wood and ones made for concrete.(Any local hardware store can sell you the one you need.) If you use a bit that is designed for wood or steel on a concrete floor you will only dull the bit and never make a hole. However, use a drill bit made for wood if you are mounting to your wood floor. There is normally about 1 inch of thickness in a wood floor and sub floor which is plenty to bolt down too. You will also need a black marker pen, pair of pliers, and a small hammer. When determining what size concrete bit you need I would just take the bolt that comes with the safe into the local hardware store and hand to a salesperson asking if they could get me a concrete drill bit appropriate for this bolt.

First, place the your safe where you want to mount it. Then open the door and find the mounting hole in the center of the safe for fireproof safes or in each corner for non- fire rated safes.

Use the marker to mark the floor where you want your safe to go.

Move your safe out of the way. If you have carpet, cut away a hole about the size of a 50 cent piece so you can gain access to the floor beneath. Drill your hole and vacuum up any dust out of the hole. In concrete it will be around 3-4 inches deep.

Return your safe back over the hole and line it up.

Take the bolt and push it down through the safe into the hole beneath. However, I find this is not very easy so I like to smack it two or three times to get it into the hole. Once down and in place there is a nut on top of the bolt that will need tightening with several turns to expand the sleeve on the bolt and grab the walls of the foundation or wood floor and sub floor.

That's it, your done! Quick and easy and once your finished you too will agree its easy. Please go the extra step in adding this as a final layer of security for your fireproof or burglary rated safe. By doing this you will add the weight of your foundation to the weight of the safe. The last thing you want is for some thief to walk off with your safe.

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